Megan is an international-award winning gut health dietitian working across sectors to facilitate the translation of cutting-edge research into practice. Whether it be through strategic product development, public health campaigns or consumer education, Megan has the drive, credibility and insight to position your brand at the forefront of gut health nutrition. 

Core Services

  • Review and identify your brands unique selling point based on the latest scientific evidence
  • Consult on product, recipe and/or menu innovation combining the latest food trends with "hot off the press" research
  • Advise on product package labeling legislation relating to health claims and nutrition information
  • Conduct research and report on latest evidence and consumer trends
  • Consult on best-practice research methodology

Media and Workshops

  • Website/newsletter/blog/social media/multimedia/ promotional content (including Q & A formats)
  • Presentations/workshops/demonstrations/ podcasts/webinars
  • Expert interviews


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